Custom Made

Passione Made To Measure

Thanks to the experience gained over decades and the constant search for new technologies and materials, we are able to create custom made wall coverings, meeting the most complex needs and assisting the customer at every stage of the choice.

If needed, our creative and technical team can give you advice on the most appropriate decorative solutions, offering a rich archive of models for you to select the one that best suits your taste.

Italreflexes is available to advise the customer about the supports to use, the designs and techniques most suitable for each type of decorative need in order to resolve any doubts or uncertainties.

Italian expertise and creativity

Since its foundation in the 1980s, Italreflexes has distinguished itself in the field for its continuous research and the desire to innovate the market. Thanks to the long experience, the technical and creative team has developed a profound knowledge of the methods and materials to be used for the realization of wall coverings.

In addition to a rich archive of drawings and techniques from which to start, our team is always looking for new trends to be reinterpreted with the style that distinguishes the company.

Innovative techniques

Italreflexes team is always up-to-date with new production techniques on the market, particularly laser printing and digital printing, which offer great flexibility in terms of design and production quantities.

Although using state-of-the-art production techniques, the result is a top-quality aesthetic effect, which seems to be the result of artisanal production.

Request information

We are available for any commercial and technical information and for any request for quotes.

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