About Us

Experience and passion as quality guarantee

The irrepressible curiosity, passion and long experimentation have enabled us to acquire deep knowledge of materials over the years, thus developing cutting edge and timeless products. Italreflexes is able to offer a wide range of wall coverings, with different features and technologies, to meet any kind of needs for interior design.

Italreflexes was founded in 1980 by Gianfranco Salvi: fascinated by parchment paper technology, he decided to start his own business to carry on the tradition. A first business trip to New York brought him closer to the brand Donghia, which became the first customer of the company, followed by many others.

With the evolution of the market, handmade production was replaced by the industrial process, while always maintaining the care of detail and the constant research on materials that is typical of craftsmanship. In the '90s, a decade when wallpapers saw a decline in the world of interior design, Italreflexes specialized in the production and processing of white supports to match the wall paint.

Thanks to its resourcefulness, the curiosity towards new trends and technologies and the creativity of a competent team, today Italreflexes is able to propose tailor-made decorative solutions for every type of need, offering refined results which resist the passing of time. 

Italian design and creativity, our strength

The creative team, the heart of the company, is made up of specialized graphics following the latest trends with passion and dedication to interpret them with the company's style.

Continuous search for new materials such as fabrics, metals, beads, glitter, glass and velvet combined together create cutting edge products that break the classic wallpaper patterns. The textures and light effects thus created make our wall coverings the highlights of the house furnishing.

Tailor-made solutions

Confident in its know-how, Italreflexes can offer a custom made production service. Thanks to various techniques, born out of experimentation and passion, we are able to meet even the toughest demands, suggesting, if necessary, the most suitable technologies and materials for every need.

More than 40 years of experience

The experience gained over decades allows us to be a guarantee of product quality, especially in terms of aesthetics. The real difference is made by the full mastery acquired over the years in combining different processing techniques, so as to be able to meet even the most complex needs.

Request information

We are available for any commercial and technical information and for any request for quotes.

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