Italreflexes is an Italian company producing wall coverings and wallpaper, founded in 1980 by Gianfranco Salvi.

The first productions were all made by hand, dripping paper rolls in large water tanks; these were later laid on long tables where they were painted with mineral pigments.

Today, Italreflexes products retain the same aesthetic value of handicrafts, even though they are the result of industrial processing methods.

Thanks to the long experience and deep knowledge of the techniques and materials, each product is unique in its kind. The three-dimensional surfaces of the wall coverings, when applied to the walls, remodel the spaces, thus breaking the optical barrier of the wall and giving vitality and depth to the environments. Continuous search for new exclusive materials such as quartz, metal, velvet and glass, combined with different types of fabrics, distinguishes the company for the wide variety of products it can propose. Our products create luminescent and changing effects, making the wall more dynamic due to reflected light.

Production capacity

Italreflexes covers an area of ​​1,500 sqm, including 800 sqm of warehouses, 500 sqm of production departments, 200 sqm of offices and archives.

  • 20.000Linear M./Day

    Silkscreen painting

  • 1.000Linear M./Day

    Digital printing

  • 1.000Linear M./Day

    Laser printing

Request information

We are available for any commercial and technical information and for any request for quotes.

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